Sunday, August 07, 2005

Blogging....its the new fendi bag? Meh...

Well, there are a million blogs out there and if you are reading mine I suggest you find someone with a more interesting life than mine....just a suggestion, after all Im putting myself to sleep already.
So you should know that today I did sweet FA, lounged around in elephant PJs and watched law and order (yeah, its kinda like doing my homework). Snore, I know.

So heres the deal, I'm a lazy uni student, work at KFC and volunteer at a legal centre. Im a brunette physically but IQ wise I think it would be safe to call me a blonde. ASL? Im 19 f melb and so running out of things to say already.

Theres no particular reason for starting a blog, I mean everyone else is doing it right? Of course I may eventually come to write personal thoughts up here, but for now i think I'll just stick with rambling crap... I guess if i were being honest Im writing this because im procrastinating writing my tutorial answers for uni tommorrow.

Bah...uni tommorrow, though get to sleep in cos one subject isnt running this week, instead i have to go to the mag court on friday and observe 'advocates' for 3 hours, that sounds like a barrel of laughs. Crap weather teamed with peak hour traffic should make my day as pleasurable as an evening with Colleen Smart........oh well shit happens (am I allowed to swear? ...guess we'll find out huh?)

I have to give you snaps if you are still reading....and i havent even started blabing about kfc yet...apparently an average uni students attention span is a max of 15 mins, so i think perhaps I should shut up now....

Nite nite.....Oh god, am I just talking to myself....nobody actually reads this crap....this will probably one of those things I do once and get so damn sick of...well if your reading this you need to get out more, but goodnight

Over and out.....Carameline


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